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Home of Historic Occoquan's Premier Website & Technical Support

 BAR-3 Enterprises has been providing Information Technology Support to the Town of Occoquan and Occoquan Merchants and businesses even before it was established as a town business in July 2007. 

With background and degree in Engineering and expertise since 1977 in the computer field, BAR-3 Enterprises is uniquely positioned to meet the technology needs of Historic Occoquan, the Town of Occoquan, and the immediate community.

What makes BAR-3 Enterprises Unique

  • Expertise in over a dozen computer programming languages 
    • First program was written in 1977
  • Expertise in local and Wide Area Networks
    • First Local Area Network was established in 1981
    • Largest Wide Area Network Set up was a Nation-wide Network for Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of the Treasury
  • Providing  Proven Website and Email Support to Shops and Businesses in Historic Occoquan since  November 2007
    • First website was established in 1987
    • Over a dozen websites have been created for Occoquan Merchants since 2008
  • Providing Proven support to the Town of Occoquan since 2007
    • Developed and maintains the website, OccoquanCraftShow.com
  • Providing Proven LAN Support to Occoquan Businesses since 2008
  • Providing Proven Technical Training to Occoquan Businesses since 2008
    • First teaching experience was in 1987 in Tampa, FL
    • Experience teaching computer languages at the USDA Graduate School since 1990

What BAR-3 Enterprises offers to Merchants and Crafters in Historic Occoquan

  • Discounted Rates, providing excellence & economy exclusively for Occoquan businesses
  • Automatic Membership in HistoricOccoquan.com: an Occoquan Business licenses entitles you to free street listings on HistoricOccoquan.com
    • Your events are listed for free on the first page of HistoricOccoquan.com
  • Search Engine Exposure: HistoricOccoquan.com is listed on the first page of most search engine results using the key word "Occoquan"
  • Marketing Exposure, BAR-3 Enterprises actively promotes merchants through HistoricOccoquan.com and adverts in local papers and outside businesses